The iS CANCER CARE program features a very special selection of INNOVATIVE SKINCARE iS CLINICAL products that help to reduce and better manage the side effects to the skin including such as acne, chafing, uneven complexion, burns, and scar tissue in an effort to create vibrant and healthy skin.


Every individual deserves to know that there are skincare products available to help address their changing skin needs. INNOVATIVE SKINCARE offers a solution.


INNOVATIVE SKINCARE has been offering help to people experiencing the common side effects to the skin from cancer treatment. Initiated as s a Skin Health Education Program to help people feel better about their skin, both patients and physicians noticed physiological improvements in those following the iS Cancer Care Skincare Regimen of Products. Today, the program continues to expand, providing support and solutions to cancer patients throughout the world.


The INNOVATIVE SKINCARE program attends to the self-image of patients undergoing cancer treatments. The goal is to make them feel better about their skin.
Dr. Lawrence Lessin - Senior Executive Physician
Washington Cancer Institute at Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC
With the POLY-VITAMIN® SERUM, patients experienced immediate improvement in radiation skin reactions…the time to wound healing was clinically shortened and the irradiated site was noticeably softened.
Dr. Paul Song - Radiation Oncologist
West Hills Radiation Therapy Center, West Hills, California
The POLY-VITAMIN SERUM stimulated the circulation, improving the color of my skin and seemed to lighten the areas that had hyperpigmented. The MOISTURIZING COMPLEX really calmed down the extreme redness in my skin quickly.
Michael Sauls - Treated for squamous carcinoma
Washington Cancer Institute at Washington Hospital Center

My patient started with POLY-VITAMIN® SERUM right after completing radiation therapy to her breast. Her skin recovered so quickly and she said she felt immediate relief. Her skin has healed beautifully and I can hardly see her surgical scar.
Dr. Julie Taguchi - Oncologist
Sansum Clinic, Santa Barbara, CA
Your life becomes so consumed by cancer; it's nice to just have a normal day of pampering and attention. It's been wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
Yevette - iS Cancer Care Spa Day Participant
The Revion/UCLA Breast Center

These are magical products. I am usually very leery, but because I was able to sample each product, I was able to see the results on myself. The scar I had on my chest has practically disappeared.
Sherry Goldman - Nurse Practitioner
UCLA Revlon Breast Cancer Center, Los Angeles, CA
For them to know that we're not our breasts, that we're people, that we are women, and that we can interact with each other and still go on with life, that's what this is all about.
iS Cancer Care Spa Day Participant
The Revion/UCLA Breast Center

This is such a great opportunity for us. It’s fantastic. We have a huge number of patients here…and they’ve been undergoing really difficult times because they’ve had a cancer diagnosis.
Dr. Sandra Swain - Medical Director
Washington Cancer Institute at Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC

Everybody feels really good and pampered and loved and I have just enjoyed myself terrifically.
iS Cancer Care Spa Day Participant
The Revion/UCLA Breast Center


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