INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® is a revolutionary cosmeceutical company designed for the new millennium. Bridging the gap between science and beauty, INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® is dedicated to producing ground-breaking, highly effective, clinically-validated skincare products that deliver dramatic physiological improvements to the skin. Our greatest satisfaction is the knowledge that our customers will experience a remarkable improvement in their appearance, with younger, healthier, and more radiant looking skin.

INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® and the iS CLINICAL® product line has been offering help to people undergoing treatment for cancer since launching the inspiring iS CANCER CARE™ program at the Washington Cancer Institute at Washington Hospital Center in our nation’s Capitol over a decade ago. The iS CANCER CARE™ PROGRAM has since expanded domestically to other esteemed medical institutions including the UCLA Revlon Breast Center, Cedars Sinai Medical Center and The Cleveland Clinic to name a few.

The iS CANCER CARE™ PROGRAM provides skincare solutions and quarterly education programs for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. It features a very special selection of INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® and iS CLINICAL® products that specifically address the unique skincare concerns of cancer patients. Many of these formulas not only help create vibrant and healthy skin, they also specifically address important issues such as acne, chafing, uneven complexion, burns, and scar tissue that may appear as a result of cancer treatment. But the iS CANCER CARE program goes well beyond the essential education that participants receive and the complimentary products that can help relieve severely compromised skin. The program provides a forum for these brave women and men to gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding of what they are going through while establishing camaraderie that resonates a sense of community and well being.

In addition, INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® annually funds the iS CANCER CARE SPA DAY PROGRAM at a number of participating medical institutions through medical and spa facilities globally. The iS CANCER CARE SPA DAY is a very unique event where patients undergoing cancer therapy are treated to a day of pampering. Participants receive facials, massage, paraffin treatments and professional make-up application; along with physician and clinician education on nutrition, exercise, and skin care; all tailored to the special needs of patients undergoing cancer treatments. Like the iS CANCER CARE PROGRAM, the iS CANCER CARE SPA DAY PROGRAM is designed to assist with both the physical and emotional challenges of patients dealing with cancer.

Initiated as an aesthetic program to help people feel better about their skin, both physicians and patients noticed remarkable physiological improvements in those following the iS CANCER CARE™ protocol. This has led to continuing clinical research on the remarkable products included in the protocol. Today, the iS CANCER CARE™ PROGRAM continues to expand internationally in countries such as the UK, Denmark, Spain, Russia and China, providing skincare solutions that truly are making a difference for patients undergoing cancer treatments.

When attitude is paramount, it is uplifting to know that the iS CANCER CARE™ PROGRAM offers a vital sense of hope and relief for those challenged with the effects of cancer treatments. Quality of life issues, like skin care concerns, are valid and real. Every individual deserves to know that there are treatments available to help address their changing skin. INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® offers a solution.

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